My Favorite Manga

My Favorite Manga

These manga are some of my most favorites at the moment. Unfortunately I don't have the means to buy all the physical copies so I read them online at Mangahere.  It's a free site so feel free to check them out. :)  

Orange Marmalade (Completed)

Orange Marmalade shows us a pure love story that can be pretty wonderful. What will happen to a female vampire trying to live a normal school life when she meets the most popular boy in school and nips his neck?

(My thoughts: Pretty long but worth every minutes of it.  It's such a cute story and wonderful story.  It touch my heart.  Her struggles, her pain, everything…she was such a strong person to overcome them and looked froward.  Check it out.  Worth checking out.)


Lip Smoke (Completed)

High school student Setsuna Iwato becomes an erotic fiction novelist's assistant to help him rediscover the feeling of a "Pure Kiss".

(My thoughts: Amazing drawing and interesting story between the two main characters.)


Limited Lovers (Completed)

Kakinomoto Karin, the daughter of a millionaire, lost her ability to walk in an accident. During her stay at the hospital, she fell in love at first sight with the medical researcher, Okita Teppei! She bought him a house, but only on the condition that that Teppei spend two hours with her every day. Karin, who only wanted Teppei's heart, will one day find out that not only does Teppei already have a fiancée, but he has a frightening split personality...

(My thoughts: Inspirational and heart warming.  Amazing main characters.)


Saver (Completed)

(My thoughts: I can't believe it's finished.  I want more of the story.  But anyway, it's a such a great story.  Worth every minutes I spent reading and admiring the art work.)


Mars (Completed)

(Amazing story! I'm so in love with this series.  I couldn't get enough of it.  I already read it a few times and it kept getting better.  Worth every minutes! :)


The Princess of Death's Second Marriage (Completed)

(My thoughts: I love the main girl character.  She is hilarious and doesn't let anything bring her down.  She looks at everything in a positive light.  Beautiful drawing.  I couldn't get enough of the main guy lol…)

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