Favorite Book Quotes #2

This time it's all from the book My Spy: Last Spy Standing by Dana Marton.  I can't help but like Jamie. :) He's my favorite character from the Harlequin Intrigue/HQ: Texas Series.  He's bold, cute, and totally hot.

"She was one of those good things he’d given up on at one point in his life. It seemed surreal that here he was, with the woman of his dreams in his arms."

"His mind exploded first, then his heart.  The distance, the walls he'd built, the darkness he'd carried, they all fell away.  There was only Bree."

"Because I'm falling for you." He held her gaze. "And I play for keeps. So let that be a warning," he teased."

"You're the light of my life," he said, and gathered her close against him. "I love you, Bree Tridle."

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