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Model Position by Kitsy Clare

                                                           Book title: Model Position
Author: Kitsy Clare
Genre: new adult contemporary romance novella
Release date: February 20, 2014
Publisher: Inkspell



In Manhattan’s glitzy gallery scene love and art are perilous games.
Will Sienna dare to play?

All too soon, artist Sienna Karr will graduate art school and be flung out into Manhattan’s glamorous but cutthroat gallery scene. Luckily, she’s just met Dave Hightower, heir to the hippest gallery ever. He’s asked her on a date, and offered to introduce her to the gallery owner, his intimidating aunt Lydia. Sienna’s excited! Now she’ll be able to climb the ranks and make those all-important art connections.

Trouble is, she’s falling hard for the sexy live drawing model, Erik, whose sizzling green eyes seem to pierce right into her soul. Dare she risk losing those potential art contacts for love? Erik insists that Sienna is a real talent and her painting stands out above all the others. But she worries that he whispers this come-on line to every pretty art student who flocks around him during breaks. And her friends worry, is Erik up to her pay grade? What kind of guy chooses modeling for a living? Who is he, really? Her choice may be her ruin—or not—but she must decide fast. Everything in Sienna’s super-organized life is turning to terrifying yet sweet chaos.


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Blurbs in praise of the book:

"Kitsy Clare paints a provocative picture with words - a sexy montage of art, beauty, lust and love as colorful as any artist’s canvas."  -Share my Destiny, romance book blogger

"A captivating and sensual work of art!" -Jaycee DeLorenzo, author of The Truths About Dating and Mating

“Model Position is sexy, suspenseful and oh, so hard to put down. Kitsy Clare mixes a skillful, fast-moving story as Sienna, a talented but uptight art student takes on the trendy New York art scene.  She’s caught between the pull of ambition and the possibility of steamy, but true-blue love in the form of Erik, a delicious male model with no connections.  Or is he true?  And is Erik really all he seems to be?”
-Helen Mallon, author of Indecent Exposure & other short stories;
Book Reviewer, Philadelphia Inquirer



Erik is like an early birthday present, wrapped in that loose silk bathrobe. When he leans over me to check out the progress of my painting, my senses infuse with his clean-scented warmth. He must’ve taken a shower just before he came to work, because the tips of his hair are still damp. It brings an instant fantasy to mind of us in his shower, lathering each other in sensitive areas. “Madame Muse, you’re more mysterious than the Mona Lisa,” he whispers in my ear. His breath sends chills through me.
I lightly touch his hand, resting on his knee. “Monsieur Muse, you are sexier than the Greek god statuary in the Met,” I parry back. It’s all I can do not to kiss him. The taste of his mouth would fill me with an aching desire, make me want to go back for seconds and thirds. I sense he feels the same thing, because the sexual tension between us is thick, yummy, edible. But it wouldn’t be proper here in the studio. After all, this is Erik’s “office”.
As he bounds onto the stage, I see Dave glance my way and then quickly turn to his easel. Taffy and a few of the other girls are gazing longingly at Erik. The gleam of lust in their eyes is crystal clear, because it mirrors my own! I’ll need to keep a hawk-eye on the situation.
Erik adjusts himself on the leopard rug and stretches out his legs, inspiring his pecs to ripple in all the right places. I can’t help it; my gaze lands on the loincloth and the satisfying bulge. It’s a heavenly indulgence to stare at Erik in order to catch all of the light and shadows. I apply a mixture of brown ochre and midnight blue to the darkest areas. For his tight abs under his pecs I blend flesh, rose madder, brown ochre, and a dash of linseed and paint these parts in. After about twenty minutes of this, I’m getting turned on for real from stroking on the creamy paint and layering the second denser areas of muscle. It’s as if every stroke of paint on canvas is really a stroke on his warm flesh.





*Might contain spoiler...

The only reason I'm giving this books a four hearts is because it's too short.  I wanted to read more.  When I first look at how many pages it has, I was kinda of disappointed because I know this book is going to be good.  I've read pretty amazing reviews on this so when it's ended, I was sad.  But anyway overall this was a really good book and you will not regret reading it.  And the ending is just amazing.  

The Characters

Sienna: She is very determine and sure of what she wants.  But I don't really like how she's planning to achieve to get herself a solo show.  She doesn't really like Dave but nevertheless she decides to date him so she can get what she wants.  She's basically using him.  But besides that, she's pretty cool.  I love her passion that she has for art.

Dave: He's not really into art but any how he can get his own show because of his aunt (connections).  

Erik: He's a model as well as an artist.  He paints beautiful pictures and loves art a lot.  He can be so freaking romantic and I think that Sienna makes a fabulous job by choosing him.  They suit each other for they both are passionate about art.  

The Story

Brilliant.  Awesome.  Sad that it ended too soon.  I am so looking forward to reading this author's other works.  Check Model Position out if you haven't.  It's short and wonderful story.  You'll enjoy it! :)


Author Bio: 

When Kitsy Clare isn’t creating romances on her Mac Air, she teaches writing workshops. She also loves to draw, travel, read spicy romance, sci-fi and all kinds of thrillers. She divides her time between New York City and her Catskills studio, where she enjoys the sounds of birds, bullfrogs and the random coyote. 

She also writes young adult fiction as Catherine Stine. Her YA futuristic thriller, Fireseed One won finalist spots in both YA and Science Fiction in the 2013 USA Book News International Book Awards, and was an Indie Reader Approved notable book. Her YA Refugees, earned a New York Public Library Best Book. Ruby’s Fire, the new companion novel to Fireseed One, is receiving high praise from reviewers. She’s a member of RWA, SCBWI and SFWA. She loves her readers and enjoys hearing from them.


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