Added-To-Shelf #3

Added-To-Shelf #3

Won from giveaways...
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The Heist
Iced by Karen
 Marie Moning
Because of You by
 Connie Lafortune
The Consequences by
Collette Freedman

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A Prize Beyond Jewels
An Exquisite Challenge
Never Say No to a Caffarelli
The Sheikhs' Last Seduction
What a Sicilian Husband Wants

So what book (s) did you added to your shelf lately?  I can't wait to read these books.  I hope they are pretty decent especially the harlequins books that I bought.  I love romance book so have a recommendation for me?....drop a comment below.  Thanks for stopping by. :)

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  1. Janet Evanovitch does have a very distinct fun voice. As for me? I've just finished two of Sarah Daltry's romances--good stuff (but high heat level).


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