Review for Texas Hold 'Em by Christie Craig

Texas Hold 'Em by Christie Craig

Series: Hotter in Texas (Book 3)-(I believe this can be read as a stand alone since it's Austin story and the other two books are about his friends.)
Release Date: January 28, 2014
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Book Source: Goodreads First Reads (Advanced Reader Copy)

*Spoiler Alert


Austin Brook was a PI who was framed for murder and he ended up in jail for more than a year. When he was released from jail, he vowed to bring down the man, DeLuna who framed him. In order to find out where DeLuna was hiding, he came up with a plan which his two PIs friend strongly opposed but he ended up going through with his plan. His plan included disguising himself and getting close to Leah Reece, who was DeLuna's half sister. He thought since Leah was a family member of DeLuna, she would know where he was. His plan didn't include falling in love with Leah but that was exactly what happened. While trying to find out information about DeLuna, he had a hard time keeping his feelings and desires under control and not doing the things he wanted to do with Leah.

The last thing Leah Reece wanted was a man in her life. She had come to conclude that they were all trouble. Her ex-huband cheated on her, her father abandoned her, and her half-brother, DeLuna was an asshole to her. Since her divorce with her husband, Leah hadn't date anyone and no one had her interest until she saw Austin Brook. At first she tried to stay away from him because she knew he was trouble and she couldn't trust him. She did everything she could to keep Austin away from her heart but when she suspected her half-brother, DeLuna broke into her apartment, she didn't have a choice but to accept the help from Austin and slowly she opened up to him. 

Little by little, they gotten closer. They found out about each other's past and both felt something they thought they wouldn't be able to feel again. The connection they had was undeniable and both of them couldn't resist staying away from each other. But Austin had secrets that will torn them apart if Leah found out. Austin wanted to tell Leah everything but finding DeLuna was also important. 

I loved this book so much. This book made me laughed many times and I loved that about a book. I loved all the actions this book offered and all characters stuck with me after I finished it. The story was told in four different perspectives which I really enjoyed. Reading from different point of views made me understand what was going on more and I liked that. I thought this book was going to be all about Austin and Leah but I was glad the author also included two other supporting characters' story, Roberto and Sara. Roberto and Sara's relationship was complicated but I was glad everything turned out well for them because they clearly loved each other.

It was clear that Leah and Austin had a bad childhood. Though Leah's childhood wasn't as bad as Austin. His mother left him as well as his father but I was glad his mother made an effort to get back into his life in the end. I loved reading all the parts where Austin had to interact with the cats. He made me laughed when he ran away every time he had to deal with a cat. Of course he hid the fact that he was afraid of cats because of bad experience when he was little from Leah but she found out anyway in the end. 

DeLuna was brought to justice like Austin wanted. It was good that Austin and Leah decided to give in their desires and be with each other. I was a little bit disappointed when the book ended because I wanted to read more about Austin and Leah's story. I'm definitely going to give other books by this author a try because I know it's going to be as good as this book.

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