Review for Captivated by Emily Jane Trent

Captivated by Emily Jane Trent (Adam & Ella #1)


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Ella suffers at his father's hand since she was young. Her mother pays no attention to her and neglects her since she was the result of an unexpected/unwanted pregnancy. At age eighteen, she moves out from her home to get away from all the abuse. She moves in with a boyfriend and at first everything is fine with her and Doug. But as time goes by Doug as well verbally abuses her so she lefts him and moves in with her best friend.
Adam is a child prodigy. He is very good at computer and at a young age, he creates so many computer software that his father takes advantage of. His father forces him to create more and more. He doesn't have a good childhood because of his father. He is seen as a weirdo, freak, etc... as a child. Fortunately, when he turns eighteen, he breaks free from his father and creates his own business.
Adam rescues Ella when she falls off her surfing board and they are instantly draws to each other. No matter how hard he tries, he couldn't stay away from her and at the end decides to date her.
I enjoyed reading this book. Ella and Adam had been through so much and both had such a rough childhood but I was glad that they found each other. When they saw each other for the first time at the beach and he rescued her because she fell of her board. It was love at first sight with these two. At first he resisted seeing her again but of course he couldn't stay away and neither was Ella. They were meant to be together and I was glad they decided to give their relationship a try. Ella didn't have a family member who cared about her like Adam but it was good to see that she had Kaiyla as her best friend. Since there is a continuation of this book, I hoped Adam and Ella's relationship last because they were good for each other and even if something happen, I hope they fight to be with each other because what they have was very beautiful.

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