Add-To-Shelf List #1

Add-To-Shelf List is when I will be posting the book (s) I added to my shelf recently.

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So what books have you added to your shelf this week?

Cover Reveal: Frenched By Melenie Harlow

Title: Frenched
Author: Melenie Harlow
New Adult/Adult Sexy Contemporary RomanceReleasing March 4, 2014
Cover designed by Tom Barnes

Mia Devine plans over-the-top weddings for a living. So when it comes to her own nuptials, she spares no expense—hand engraved invitations, Vera Wang gown, luxury honeymoon in France. And since her fiancĂ© is Tucker Branch, playboy heir and notorious flirt, local media is obsessed with every little detail.  Which is why it really sucks when he jilts her a week before the wedding. Mortified, Mia wants nothing more than to crawl under her newly monogrammed sheets and plan a funeral for her dignity, right after blabbing to the world how fitting it is that Tucker will inherit a bolt and screw company, because that’s all he wants to do—screw, and bolt. And he doesn’t do either with much finesse.   
When her friends convince her that bitter tastes better when it’s drowned in Bordeaux, she grits her teeth and packs her bags, determined to make the best of a week in Paris alone.  She never planned on meeting Lucas Fournier.  The free-spirited musician’s scruffy good looks and less-than-sympathetic ear annoy her at first, but when she takes him up on his offer to show her around the city, she discovers that the romance of Paris isn’t just a myth.  Nor is the simultaneous O.  The last thing Mia needs is another doomed love affair, but since she only has a week, she figures she might as well enjoy La Vie en O with Lucas while she can. But each day—and night—with him is better than the last, and suddenly her heart is telling her this is more than a rebound fling.Is it just the seduction of Paris…or could this be the real thing?

Goodreads –
About the Author
Melanie Harlow likes her martinis dry, her lipstick red, and her history with the naughty bits left in. She's a 20th century fanatic and gets her kicks from historical fiction and TV series like Boardwalk Empire, Magic City, Deadwood, Mad Men, and Downtown Abbey (although she wishes it were more HBO and less PBS). Her debut novel, Speak Easy, was inspired by Detroit's fascinating Prohibition-era history. 
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Want-To-Read List #1

Want-To-Read List is when I will be posting the books that I want to read but I don't have a copy yet whether in paperback or ebook.  

For this book, I've read many good reviews as much as bad ones so I'm not really sure if I should give it a try.  I read the blurb and it sounded really good to me so I put this on my Want-To-Read List.

What do you think about this book?

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RECENT UPDATE: Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

We’ve all heard about the Typhoon Haiyan hitting the Philippines just recently and affecting over 11 million people in the country. This is the largest storm to ever hit the land or so I’ve heard. Growing up in the Philippines, I’ve been used to typhoons coming and going once or twice a year. It has never affected me or any of my relatives, family, or friends in a major way before and we’ve always been lucky. One of the cities the Typhoon Haiyan hit is Tacloban, Leyte where my uncle (mom’s brother) lives with his wife and my four cousins. Although their house was blown away and they lost everything they own, they are all alive and are currently being flown to Manila where most of my other relatives are. We are still very lucky.
In honor of all the families and friends we’ve lost from the Typhoon Haiyan that killed more than 3,500 people in the Philippines, we are raising money to help those who survived to recover from this devastating typhoon. Food, clean drinking water, blankets, shelter, medicine, and other supplies might not help them get their loved ones and houses back but it will help them get back on their feet and recover. We’ve added 10 points entry in the Rafflecopter for people who donated for this cause. This is definitely not mandatory and all proceeds will go to the victims of this typhoon.

Release Blitz

Siren's Curse

                                                             Title: Siren's Curse
                                                             Author: Sara Jiang
                                                Date of Publication: December 5, 2013
Circe only has seven days to live… and time is ticking.
Long ago, Sirens were cursed to stay on the rocks. If they ever stopped eating human flesh, their horns would pierce their bodies and they would die.
Circe had a choice: stay on the Perch with her sisters, feeding off of sailors for all time, or to dive into the deep, face the unknown, and take her chance at freedom.
On her journey into the ocean Circe meets a precocious little sea dragon, a heart-throb shark, and an eel with a vengeance. She comes face to face with witches, madmen, monsters, and a mysterious, loud rumbling that seems to only be getting louder.
Can she break the curse?
                                                          Purchase from Amazon | B&N

About Sara Jiang
Sara Jiang was born in 1991 and lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for 3 years when she was younger. This exposure to the ocean influences much of her art and writing. She is currently studying for her Bachelor's in Vocal Music Education at Abilene Christian University.
Sara Jiang does commission artwork and recently won Abilene Christian University's Summit Art Contest with one of her pen and ink drawings.

Review for That Which Lives Within by eLPy

That Which Live Within by eLPy

Book Source: LibraryThing Member Giveaway


Synopsis from Goodreads:

"That Which Lives Within" is eLPy's debut, full-length poetry collection which includes a special full-color section of poetry-infused images, also created by eLPy. 

While not a formally trained poet, eLPy has a B.S. from the University of Michigan. This collection follows the growth of a person and author in no certain order as she travels the trials of trying to understand life, self-awareness, and inspiration. Essential to this process writing gave eLPy a voice for expressing what she experienced and thought/thinks along the way.

While our lives are often so different, this collection, very much her own, takes us through emotional and inspirational moments - short and extended - that embody in one form or another "That Which Lives Within" all of us.


This was my first time reading a poetry book.  This book is very unique and I’m glad I received this book to review.  It has poems as well as poepics (poems with pictures) that I really like a lot.  The pictures are gorgeous and beautiful and I enjoyed reading all the poems very much.  The poems were beautifully written.  Some poems are emotional while some are inspirational for me.  These are some of my favorites: Pieces, Magic, The Gem That Was Will Always Be, To Be Wise, Disguised By Blue Sky, and Once Raveled.  I loved them and I will definitely reread it once again in the near future.  I will recommend this to any one who likes poetry or to who want to try poetry.  It’s worth your time because you will get a lot out of this books.

Review for Seeing Clearly by Casey McMillan

Seeing Clearly (In Too Deep #2) by Casey McMillan 


*Received a free copy from the author for an honest review. 

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Gretchen McKay had a new job on TV's longest running soap opera. She had a lot riding on her career and falling in love would just be a distraction. Joel Perrin had a different story. He was ready to fall in love… he just didn't want to fall in love with Gretchen. Against better judgment, the pair keeps finding themselves giving in to their undeniable chemistry. When their feelings for one another become overwhelming, they're faced with a choice...   Jump in or move on.


This book is the second in the series, In Too Deep. I haven’t read the first one but I catch up quite quickly to what’s going on. This book is about Gretchen and Joel. Their relationship is very complicated. Clearly they love each other a lot but they can’t be with each other because Joel doesn’t want to be in a relationship with an actress and Gretchen likes her job as an actress. In a way, I feel just like Joel about my lover being an actor. I mean I am a jealous type just like him. I don’t want to share my lover with anyone even if it’s his job, he’s mine and mine alone! Maybe that’s selfish of me but I can’t watch my lover being with someone else. So yeah, Joel and I feel the same. But then again, Gretchen really loves being an actress so it’s hard for her to give up that to be with Joel.

Despite them trying to be away from each other, they find their way back to each other because they just can’t stand being apart from each other. The more they stay away, the more they want each other. Joel is very jealous of Gretchen being with other guys even though she isn't even his. But he can't get her out of his head. He even tries to date but he isn't satisfies unless it's Gretchen.

When Gretchen is faced with an important decision, she knows her career as an actress is over. Something happens to her and she can't continues to work as an actress. She decides to get back with Joel and tells him that she loves him. They are finally together! It feels good to read about them being so in love.

I’m so glad everything works out for them in the end. I love happy ending! It put a big smile on my face when I finished it. It’s a very good read for me. I enjoyed reading it. It’s very romantic and who doesn’t love a happy ending? I look forward to reading the next one in the series.