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The Kincade brothers will do what it takes to protect their legacy--
but what happens when love gets in the way?

Sunshine Creek Vineyard #2
Candis Terry
Releasing Feb 28, 2017
Avon Books

Meet the Kincade brothers: they’ll do what it takes to protect their legacy--but what happens when love gets in the way?

Declan Kincade has spent so much time chasing success he’s almost forgotten how to just live. Lately though, his all-business routine has been thrown into disarray. Brooke Hastings is the best employee Dec’s ever had: polished, capable, and intelligent. After four years, he’s just realized that she’s also smoking hot. But their working relationship is too valuable to stake on a fling, no matter how mind-bendingly pleasurable it promises to be.

What’s worse than never meeting the right man? Finding him, and then working side-by-side every day while he remains absolutely blind to your existence. That is, until one temptation-packed road-trip changes everything. Teaching her gorgeous, driven boss how to cut loose and have fun is the toughest challenge Brooke’s ever faced. But it’s one that could give both of them exactly what they need, if Dec will take a chance on a perfect—and perfectly unexpected—love.

Best-selling and award winning author Candis Terry entertains readers with contemporary romance the Library Journal Reviews calls uniquely satisfying. Both her Sugar Shack and Sweet, Texas series deliver witty and emotional stories about how love, family, and a small town community defines the characters’ lives. Born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California, Candis now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers and loves to escape to the breathtaking Idaho forests to energize her imagination.

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DATE: Somewhere in the middle of trying to figure things out

I guess by this time most people would throw in the proverbial towel. But the one thing I learned from my tragic childhood (and believe me, tragic doesn’t begin to cover it) is that I’ve got an awful lot of tenacity. Probably too much in some people’s eyes.

With a swift beat of my heart I remember the very moment I met Declan Kincade. He was every woman’s fantasy of tall, dark, and handsome. Wavy dark hair and intense blue eyes. His squared jawline had been clean-shaven. His tailored dark gray suit had accentuated the width of his broad shoulders and the trimness of his hips. And he smelled like citrus, leather, and confident man. Like I said, every woman’s fantasy.

The problem? He was my boss.

Four years later that swift beating of my heart has only grown stronger and I admire the man (far beyond his extreme hotness) more than I ever imagined. Why? His sheer dedication. Dec tosses the word workaholic to the wind. He’s a machine. A brilliant, successful, wealthy, working machine who steps up to do what’s right for everyone else but ignores his own needs. I don’t know what drives him. It isn’t money, although he reaps plenty of that through his financial advisement business. I sense there’s something he’s hiding from the rest of the world. Something that’s locked him in a box he doesn’t know how to break out of. I know that feeling. I’ve been there. Done that. But I did break free and since then I’ve lived my life to the fullest. My bucket list keeps growing. And with every accomplishment I check off that list, I push those chains that used to bind me further and further away. I can breathe. I can enjoy. I can love.

That’s what I want for Dec.

Whatever secret he closely guards, I can sense that its something I can relate to. Something I can empathize with. Something that would bring us close. Closer. As close as two people could ever be. It won’t be easy to open that box. It won’t happen overnight. But somehow I need to guide him to the edge of the grand canyon of possibilities and push him off. I’ve got time. I’ve got patience. And I love this man like there’s no tomorrow. I want him to experience the world he only views from his high-rise office window. I want him to feel the breeze on his face. The rush in his heart. I want him to realize we are only given a limited amount of time and that every moment needs to embrace his heart and soul. I want him to understand that while everyone else might want something from him for themselves, I only want him to be free and happy.

That’s why I’m perfect for Declan Kincade.

Now it’s time to open his eyes. I know it won’t be easy, but no worries, I’ve got plenty of good times up my sleeve to make it happen. Or maybe I’ll just take those sleeves (and my top) off and see if that will grab his attention. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

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