Date Published: Release date: February 6, 2017

 Patrick Corman, loner, ex muscle for a call girl service, struggles to stay alive and care for his institutionalized daughter. But now the danger isn’t coming from the streets. He needs a heart transplant. Shocked when, with only months to live, a mysterious benefactor offers him ‘the deal of a lifetime’, he sees it as a solution, even after reading the fine print.
When his former crime boss suspects that he is revealing information about her, and a young newspaper reporter sees him as her chance to get her own by-line, Patrick’s life and death struggle escalates. For her part, reporter Katherine Alderson keeps secret what she knows about his transplant, unaware that Patrick has his own secret, hidden in the fine print of the deal he agreed to.
Patrick’s new heart draws them together and into a conflict neither could have imagined when they discover someone has delved into their lives, using them as pawns in his own political game.  Fighting to stay alive, one shocking revelation follows another, exposing the best and worst in both of them.


Daniel is a retired school teacher who has written and produced many school plays, built his log home, restored a classic car, and spent many summers canoeing with his family in northern Ontario. Daniel’s other novels are A Lesson in Revenge and The Reedsmith of Zendar.  All three novels are available on Amazon.

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For February, heart month, the money raised through the sale of CHANGE OF HEART will go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

  “We are delighted that Daniel has chosen the Heart and Stroke Foundation as the charity ofchoice,” says Avril Goffredo, VP, Community Engagement, Heart and Stroke Foundation. The funds raised from this event will help us invest in research and continue our programs in prevention and survivor support, allowing us to save lives and create more survivors.”

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“Katherine, come here.”
When she approached, he looked up at her, his eyes haggard, all energy and purpose gone. He was shivering again.
“I gotta sleep. Been a long day.” His laugh was weak. He held the gun out to her. She took it. “You gotta help me get back to the bedroom. Help me get out of these wet clothes.” His eyes were closed and he shivered uncontrollably.
Katherine stepped to him and he slowly put an arm on her shoulders. She jumped, the cold from his arm shocking her. He leaned heavily upon her and, with great effort she helped him to the bedroom.  There, she turned him and lowered him to the edge of the bed. His arms hung loosely by his sides. She was suddenly startled by the thought that he might die. Climbing onto the bed, kneeling behind him, she tugged and pulled at the soggy jacket. Finally it came off, the weight of it shocking her. She looked at the loose green hospital shirt plastered to his body. It has to come off over his head. No way.
She climbed off the bed and saw that it was v-necked. Grabbing it, she pulled at the ribbing seam where it joined in a V in front of his neck. It didn’t tear, but she saw that she had loosened the threads. She tried again and was rewarded with a small tear. A third effort and it tore down the center. Katherine paused, startled by the scar down the middle of his chest, now dark blue from the cold. It matched the color of the tattoo on his chest and upper arm. He started to fall over and she grabbed him, again scared by the coldness of his skin. “Stay there, Patrick. Stay up.” She worked the clinging jersey off, guiding his backwards fall towards the head of the bed. Several red marks that were starting to form bruises covered his upper arms and stomach. The pants were loose and easier and she had them off quickly. Her eyes fell on the wet, almost see-through white underwear that clung to his genitals. Really, Alderson?
Katherine rolled him on his side and pulled the duvet cover from his side of the bed up onto him.  She knew that it wouldn’t be enough. Somehow she needed to apply some warmth to him. He needed to be in a hot shower, but there was no way she could get him there. “Shit!” Katherine unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the floor. Slipping out of her jeans, she climbed in behind him, pulling her side of the duvet up and onto her. She gasped, the cold of his body taking her breath away when she pressed herself to him. She curled up behind him, spooning as best she could.
She was dazed: from the violence, from the dead men in her apartment, from the naked man that she was curled up with in bed. What the hell do I really know about him? That he cared for his daughter. Is that enough that I should believe what he says? What about those men? Jesus! What the hell is happening?

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