Added-To-Shelf #4


As much as I love new books that came out recently, I'm also a sucker for old books.  So when I went to my local used book store, I couldn't help but buy a lot of them.  They were so inexpensive that I couldn't help myself but keep putting books in my basket.  I'm not sure if I'm going to have time to read them all as my TBR pile got bigger and  I read a wide range of genres so I bought books that caught my interest even though I don't really know the author.  I'm willing to try them out.  And I prefer paperback book covers instead of hard covers.  What do you prefer? :)

Sorry…my pictures are pretty bad. :/

I bought quite a few Linda Lael Miller books.  I'm super excited to try these books.  :)

Yay! I found some Danielle Steel books.  So looking forward to reading these. :)

Haven't read any of Nora Roberts books so I decided to give it a try.  :P

What books have to added to your shelf lately?

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