Review for That Which Lives Within by eLPy

That Which Live Within by eLPy

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Synopsis from Goodreads:

"That Which Lives Within" is eLPy's debut, full-length poetry collection which includes a special full-color section of poetry-infused images, also created by eLPy. 

While not a formally trained poet, eLPy has a B.S. from the University of Michigan. This collection follows the growth of a person and author in no certain order as she travels the trials of trying to understand life, self-awareness, and inspiration. Essential to this process writing gave eLPy a voice for expressing what she experienced and thought/thinks along the way.

While our lives are often so different, this collection, very much her own, takes us through emotional and inspirational moments - short and extended - that embody in one form or another "That Which Lives Within" all of us.


This was my first time reading a poetry book.  This book is very unique and I’m glad I received this book to review.  It has poems as well as poepics (poems with pictures) that I really like a lot.  The pictures are gorgeous and beautiful and I enjoyed reading all the poems very much.  The poems were beautifully written.  Some poems are emotional while some are inspirational for me.  These are some of my favorites: Pieces, Magic, The Gem That Was Will Always Be, To Be Wise, Disguised By Blue Sky, and Once Raveled.  I loved them and I will definitely reread it once again in the near future.  I will recommend this to any one who likes poetry or to who want to try poetry.  It’s worth your time because you will get a lot out of this books.

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